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Improve Your Curb Appeal With Our Fence Cleaning Services

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If you've invested in a fence for your Vancouver home, then keeping it clean and well-maintained with our professional fence cleaning service is the key to ensuring that it lasts you and your family for decades to come. Stellar customer service and high-quality work go hand in hand here at WOW WASH 360, and as the number one source of outstanding pressure washing for Vancouver properties, you can count on our experts to provide you with amazing results. Fences are fantastic for creating a safe area for outdoor play and relaxation while keeping unwanted critters and visitors at bay, and we'll help you and your family get the very best return on your investment!

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Choosing our professional fence cleaning service for your Vancouver property is the absolute best way of keeping your fencing boards in prime condition all throughout the year. Fencing boards can be vulnerable to a number of issues, ranging all the way from inevitable wear-and-tear from the elements to the build-up of potentially hazardous substances such as mold and mildew. When left unwashed and untreated for too long, your fencing boards can quickly deteriorate far before their time and leave you stuck with the need for costly repairs and replacements.

Looking for another one of our top-of-the-line pressure washing services to add to your exterior home maintenance routine? Alongside fence cleaning, we also provide a fantastic deck cleaning service to help you get the most out of your outdoor entertaining spaces!

How Our Professional Fence Cleaning Service Helps Keep Your Fence Standing Strong For A Lifetime

Our expert-level fence cleaning service does more than simply keep your fencing boards clean. Pressure washing is one of the most powerful forms of exterior cleaning, and we can blast away dirt, grime, and organic growth from your fencing boards in no time flat. This will certainly enhance the overall look of your fence, but it helps in more ways than you'd initially expect!

Here are a few more ways our fantastic fence cleaning service keeps your fence well-maintained:

  • It preserves and strengthens the overall structural integrity of your fencing boards
  • It promotes better health by getting rid of substances like mold and mildew
  • It removes unsightly stains and less harmful organic growth like moss and algae
  • It primes the surface for other services such as a fresh coat of paint or minor repairs